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"amor est vitae essentia" - Erotism the essence of life and most inspiring source.

"I believe that erotica, unlike porn, leaves the mind stimulated but not obsessed; it arouses the senses without desecrating the soul; it may embarrass but never shame the viewer."

We may not have a clear definition of erotica, but generally an internal rudder tells us when what we are viewing objectifies or elevates human sexuality. Admittedly, what one viewer finds attractive may make another person squirm or blush, and art like the images here is best appreciated with an open and thoughtful mind in harmony with one’s more primitive urges. In part, this is so because viewing erotica does more than stimulate our somatic experiences. It forces us to look within as well, to examine our desires and fantasies that don’t always jive so well with our external identities of who we are or what we find arousing.

By Tinamarie Bernard

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